Truly free range eggs from third generation farmers

The Rohde family, John and Ange along with their children, have been raising free range eggs for over 50 years across three generations. Their Ruradean Farm in Tarlee on the edge of the Clare Valley, is the only RSPCA accredited free range egg farm in South Australia.  

Rohde’s currently have 70,000 chickens roaming free in the paddock, dust-bathing, playing in the trees or laying around 56,000 eggs per day. The grain fed to the hens is grown on the Rohde’s farm, ensuring it is of great quality.

John Rohde says: ‘ Rohde’s stand for conscious, ethical premium egg production – starting with the treatment of our chooks and ending with the freshness and quality of our eggs.’

Find Rohde’s stall outside the pavillion at the Farmers’ Market every second Sunday. See our ‘What’s on’ page for a complete list of weekly stallholders.