Our Farmers’ Market is a vibrant and busy place for farmers and food producers to sell their food and produce directly to the local community. If you're a South Australian grower or producer and are interested in holding a stall at our Market, we just need to make sure you meet the stallholder criteria.

Key Criteria

To be a stallholder at the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market:

  • You must be the person who grows, rears, catches, harvests, makes or produces the goods you’re selling.
  • You must be a local South Australian grower or food producer.

You must fit within our Market Mix. We apply a Market Mix Policy to determine a sustainable vendor mix of produce within the market at any one time.

Market Mix Policy

Our first priority is to provide space for local farmers to sell products from their own farms. Additional space is provided for local food artisans. We therefore work towards a market mix of 70% primary produce to 30% value-added products.

What’s not allowed?

In line with our Market Rules & Responsibilities, the following are not allowed at the Market:

  • re-sellers of fruit, vegetables or any other farm-based product
  • re-packagers of any food or drink
  • art and craft stalls
  • bric-a-brac stalls

Shared stalls are not common market practice and will only be permitted in rare circumstances. Requests must be made in writing for the consideration of the ASFM Committee.


  • Primary produce is an agricultural product in its natural and raw state. For example vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs, honey, nuts, grains and pulses, herbs, cut flowers, and food plants.
  • Value-added products use one or more primary products to make a finished product. At least 60% (of finished weight) must come from ingredients that have been grown in South Australia. The remaining 40% must be Australian ingredients. The value adder is responsible for, exercises control over and participates in the manufacture of the product i.e. baked goods, pasta, preserves, ready meals and pastries.
  • Farm based: Products deriving from ingredients that have been grown and value added on the farm/property (or fished) by a person who is responsible for, and exercises control over the final product being sold.
  • Non-farm based:  Products deriving from one or more primary products obtained from numerous South Australian sources and combined to create a value-added product.
    • Plant based: Products that are plants, flowers, seeds and compost. These can only be sold by ‘Farm Based’ businesses.
    • Non-food products: Products that are made from primary product/s where at least 70% of the final weight of the non-food item must be a product for which the stallholder is authorised to sell as a food item or a direct by-product from the production of this food item.. The non-food item must be 1-step transformed. 1-step transformed means the primary product has undergone 1 transformative process. These products can only be sold by businesses selling ‘Farm Based’ products.
  • Market Mix: A policy set by the ASFM committee which provides guidelines for market management to determine a sustainable vendor mix of produce within the market at any one time.

Farmer and Food Producer

Complete the Farmer and Food Producer Application Form