The Producer Guarantee is a system used by the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market to verify that stallholders selling produce at the markets are the actual producers of those products.

What is the aim of the Producer Guarantee?

The main aim of our Producer Guarantee is to ensure we fulfil our brand promise to you – that the food at our market is produced by the people who sell it.  

A thorough assessment, made by Market Management, verifies that items sold at our stalls are grown, reared, caught, harvested, made or produced locally by the stallholder. This means you can be sure where your food has come from.

How was it developed?

The Producer Guarantee was developed by the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market Inc. with support of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).

How do stalls get awarded the Producer Guarantee?

The Producer Guarantee is awarded only after Farmers’ Market Management visit farms and businesses to ensure compliance with farmers’ market requirements.

What stalls have the Producer Guarantee?

Keep an eye out around the market for the Producer Guarantee Certificates and in stallholder profiles on our website.  

When you see the Producer Guarantee Certificate displayed on a stall, or in a stallholder’s online profile on our website, you’ll know they’ve had their property inspected by a member of Farmers’ Market Management.

Certificates at each stall also provide an overview of the business or producer.

More information about the Producer Guarantee system can be found on signage around the market.

Meet our Stallholders

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