The Australian Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA)   defines a farmers’ market as ...a predominantly fresh food market that operates regularly within a community, at a focal public location that provides a suitable environment for farmers and specialty food producers to sell farm-origin and associated value-added specialty foods for human consumption, and plant products, directly to customers”.

Our market is a genuine farmers’ market. Our customers can buy produce direct from the person who grew it, reared it, caught it, harvested it, made it or produced it here in South Australia.

You’ll find the best of South Australian produce at our market without wholesalers or middlemen. We inspect and approve each farm before they can join the market.

Producer Guarantee

When you’re shopping at a farmers’ market, you’re buying direct from local farmers’ and food producers, and supporting local seasonal and sustainable produce. At the Adelaide Farmers’ Market we use our Producer Guarantee system to ensure that our farmers’ markets fulfils its brand promise:

the food at our market is produced by the people who sell it at our market.


Look for stallholders with the Producer Guarantee

Other Farmers’ Markets in South Australia

South Australia is lucky enough to have five regional Farmers' Markets:

To find out more about these and other markets across Australia visit the Australian Farmers’ Market Association website.