Delicious homemade marinated vegetables, saukrauts and more.

Diana and Eugeniu’s Yummy Veggies’ range of marinated vegetables reflect their Romanian heritage. Traditional methods of preserving vegetables accentuate fresh flavours through careful use of  marinades, herbs and spices. 

Traditional marinated vegetables are a wonderful source of probiotic goodness and vitamins, and they are also a great way to improve your gut health.

Every week Eugeniu searches the Farmers’ Market for the best and freshest produce to create unique and tasty vegetable marinades. Diana and Eugeniu also produce: sauerkraut, homemade dolmades and cabbage rolls. Check out their range of homemade gluten free, vegetarian and vegan ready to eat options for quick, easy meals at home. Because you can pick up some marinated vegetables at the same time, a healthy vegetarian dinner is easy.

Stop in to try their latest products every Sunday inside the Pavilion.