Handpicked organic apples and delicious home baked goods

In 2008 former zoo keeper Tim Neilson and his wife Heather took over the Wild Apple organic orchard in Mount Lofty.

Dedicated to simple, old fashioned fruit farming; the Neilson’s treat pest infestations organically and refuse harsh chemical sprays. 100% handpicked, each and every apple or pear is inspected by the Wild Apple team, so excellent quality is guaranteed. The Neilsons grow 12 varieties of organic apples and pears, including the deliciously sweet Fuji apple, the popular Pink Lady and their own unique brand of Nashi pears. 

Following their organic philosophy, the Neilson’s utilise every bit of their fruit. As well as fresh fruit they also produce 100% organic apple and pear juice and a range of home-baked goods.

T’art is the baked goods part of the business. Heather uses Wild Apple organic fruit to cook muns, cakes, brownies, scrolls, biscuits, quiches and Portuguese tarts.

Find Wild Apple outside & T’art inside every Sunday at the Adelaide Farmers Market. Just try and resist Heather’s Portuguese tarts, we dare you!