Chef Prepared Meals

The Meal Pantry was born from a collaboration of friends that decided to combine their commercial food experience with home cooked recipes.

All passionate foodies, having grown up in households where weekends were spent cooking, entertaining and sharing food they started by creating old family recipes, then contemporary favourites, and a few takeaway icons.

Bringing home recipes into the commercial kitchen, they played, refined, developed, tasted and collaborated until they believed they had created worthy dishes, made to the highest standard, that they would cook and eat at home.

All the meals are cooked from scratch – start to finish. Which means the curry pastes are made, not bought, there are no shortcut sauces added for flavour and all base ingredients are researched to ensure the perfect blend. Right down to the cuts of beef that give the juiciest dish, mince without preservative and the freshest vegetables. 

The meals are made with a balanced diet in mind and each dish is lightly seasoned to achieve the impossible balance of suiting everyone’s palate.

They have also considered meals to match various diets, allergies and preferences having developed many dishes to be gluten free, taken traditional recipes to create vegan versions and created a number of Keto friendly dishes.

The Meal Pantry prepares food that provides convenience, quality and most importantly, flavour. The meals are made for everyone and especially suited to time poor professions, older individuals and couples, kids of working parents, people recovering from hospital or those just seeking packaged convenience. 

You will find the Meal Pantry weekly in the market pavilion.