160 varieties of organically certified produce from a permaculture farm

From a bare barley paddock purchased in 1983, Annemarie and Graham Brookman have created 15 acres of buzzing biodiversity. Their permaculture farm produce 160 varieties of organically certified fruit and vegetables, also: nuts, wheat, eggs, honey, beans, Australian native foods, nursery plants and timber.

The Brookman’s permaculture farm at Gawler is a learning center. They welcome others wanting to discover how an ordinary family can grow their own food and create a productive and diverse landscape. Using environmentally sustainable techniques,  recognising each part of the food system is interdependent. The farm is a complex and bountiful ecosystem with room for both crops and native bush. Permaculture a system of whole farm planning using sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, ethical investment, organic gardening and bioregionalism. Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is a framework for thinking about and designing environmentally sustainable farms, gardens, buildings and communities. It aims to create systems that will sustain not the present, but future generations.

Discover the taste of fresh, organic, seasonal food grown in sustainable conditions, every other Sunday outside at the Farmers’ Market.