Beet Kvass a fermented liquid tonic rich in probiotic

Experience the transformative power of gut health with The CultureHood’s flagship product, Beet Kvass Original. Crafted by sisters Kristy and Remedy, this liquid probiotic beetroot tonic is a unique offering in South Australia. With a dedicated following, Beet Kvass is a rich blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential nutrients for gut restoration. Made from red heirloom organically grown beetroots, mineral-rich salt, certified organic cloves, and local spring water from the Adelaide Hills, it boasts an earthy, savoury flavour with a hint of spice.

Just a small shot a day can kickstart your journey to replenishing your gut with beneficial microflora. The CultureHood believes in the power of fermented foods to not only preserve food but also nurture people, fostering resilience and connection to the environment.

Beet Kvass provides a convenient way to incorporate probiotic foods into your daily routine as a liquid tonic with a bold flavour profile. For those seeking a delightful twist, Beet Kvass is also available with cold-pressed Organic Pomegranate, offering a delicious option even for those hesitant about beetroot.

You will also find Chia Kefir Fruit Puddings and Heirloom Milk Kefir. The Milk Kefir is made in very small batches and its a first served (or ordered) basis.  They never push the grains to create more, allowing the perfect amount of time for the Alexandrina milk to turn into exquisite Kefir.

Join The CultureHood outdoors fortnightly and become a cultured convert, embracing the wellness and flavour of fermented beverages.