Fresh, local aquaponic micro greens

David and Stacey of The Bucket Project grow delicious, sustainable grown micro greens. Grown in 10,000 old vineyard picking buckets, they use a non-polluting aqua culture system of rain water, gravity and solar pumps to grow their delicious range of herbs and greens. Even the packaging is 100% compostable. Available loose (bring your own reusable bag!) or in compostable pre-mixed punnets. 

Micro greens have a delicate texture and unique flavour, but they don’t just look pretty, analysis has proven them to have considerably higher levels of  vitamins and carotenoids than mature greens of the same species. Testing has consistently shown that these tender, delicious greens have around five times more vitamins than eating the same species at full maturity.

You will find more than just microgreens at The Bucket Project, they now have available a delicious, sustainable-grown green range of eggs known as “Bum Nuts”. 

The Bucket Project attends the market weekly and can be found outdoors.