A celebration of flavour achieved through sustainable farming

Born and raised in the Barossa Valley, the late Saskia Beer grew up surrounded by her Mum, Maggie’s, hearty, honest cooking. Her dad Colin’s pheasant farm immersed Saskia in sustainable, ethical farming practices and philosophy from her earliest childhood.

Saskia realised that good quality farm produce was hard to find, and so she established Saskia Beer Farm Produce in 1997. Maintaining Saskia’s paddock to plate philosophy, her husband Petar carefully directs and oversees the feeding, exercise and access to sunlight of all the free range poultry. Petar and the team at Saskia Beer Farm Produce direct everything they do towards ensuring the health and comfort of each animal.

From juicy whole chooks and Christmas turkeys, to sausages, stocks and hand-made pies, the Saskia Beer Farm Produce range are all free range, chemical free and use only fresh, locally sourced herbs and ingredients. 

Saskia’s Beer Farm Produce is located inside the pavilion at the Farmers’ Market every Sunday