Artisan smallgoods, handmade from free-range South Australian pork

Find José and his team inside the pavilion every Sunday with artisanal small batch Salumi & Charcuteria, traditionally handmade from South Australian Pork.

José Coutinho, at the age of 18, moved to Australia in the mid 1980’s. His solid work ethic saw him work in various roles including 17 years as a smallgoods Production Manager. José started his own business in 2002 & launched San Jose Smallgoods in 2006. At the core of his success is José’s staunch refusal to compromise on quality. The quest for quality begins with the use of fresh South Australian female pork from local farms including paddock roaming black heritage breeds. The pork is de-boned, trimmed, salted, spiced, cured and matured by hand on the San José premises, never leaving José’s watchful eye.

Inspired by José’s childhood memories of Portugal & his travels through Spain, France & Italy, the San Jose range is free of artificial flavours, preservatives and fillers. All San José products are totally gluten free & traditionally made using age-old processes of salt curing & fermentation, followed by extensive air drying anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 years. The benefit is the natural preservation which occurs without the need for the extensive additives used in commercial production.

The Product Range includes:

  • Ready to Eat Charcuteria/ Salumi items such as Jamon, Prosciutto, Saucisson, Salami, Aged Chorizo, Guanciale, Pancetta, Cecina Wagyu & Bresaola
  • Ready to Cook, CURED items such as Poitrine, Pancetta, Curado Chourico, Morcilla, Nduja & more
  • Other Items include Italian Porchetta, Jambon French Leg Ham, Gourmet Bacon
  • NITRITE Free RANGE- Extensive range of quality & flavoursome items such as Ham, Bacon, French/ Italian /Argentinian REAL Pork Sausages & more.