Artisan smallgoods, handmade from free-range South Australian pork

José Coutinho migrated to Australia from Portugal at the age of 18. After 17 years as a smallgoods Production Manager, José started his own business in 2006. At the core of his success is José’s staunch refusal to compromise on quality. The quest for quality begins with the use of fresh South Australian pork from totally free-range, paddock roaming, female heritage Black Pigs. De-boned, trimmed, salted, spiced, cured and matured by hand on the San José premises, the pork never leaves José’s watchful eye.

Inspired by José’s childhood memories of Portugal, the range is completely free of artificial flavours, preservatives and fillers. The lack of fillers means all San José products are gluten free, including:

  • Jamon
  • Prosciutto
  • Aged Chorizo
  • Sopressa,
  • Saucisson Sec
  • Pancetta
  • Osso Collo
  • Lombo
  • Bresaola

San José Smallgoods have won numerous National Championships and hundreds of medals including: Royal Hobart Fine Food Champion, Delicious Food Produce Awards Winner Artisan Producer, Royal Melbourne Fine Food Champion Producer,  Royal Sydney Fine Food Champion and AMIC Sausage King.

Find José and his team inside the pavilion every Sunday at the Showground Farmers’ Market.