Traditional German Soft Pretzels 🥨

 SALT. German Bakehouse is on a mission to satisfy your pretzel cravings with a deep passion for traditional German Soft Pretzels.

They’re here to bring the taste of authentic German Soft Pretzels to Adelaide. After sixteen years without easy access to German-style pretzels in Australia, they’ve taken matters into their own hands by creating a micro bakery. SALT. German Bakehouse brings you delicious Plain Pretzels and Plain Pretzel Rolls, all crafted with care and expertise.

And here’s a fun tidbit: Did you know you can freeze pretzels? Simply pop them in the oven for 5-8 minutes when you’re ready to enjoy. That way, you can savor the goodness whenever you like.

Don’t miss the chance to stock up this Sunday and ensure you have a ready supply of pretzels all week long from SALT. German Bakehouse.

Be sure to visit Fiona outdoors weekly and treat yourself to mouthwatering traditional German pretzels.