A Legacy of Authentic Continental Breads and Rolls

Riviera Bakery stands as a testament to the vision and passion of its founder, Luciano Triglau. Hailing from the picturesque birthplace of Trieste, Italy, Luciano brought with him a wealth of baking knowledge and traditions when he arrived in Adelaide in 1968.

Driven by a deep desire to serve the growing European community, Luciano embarked on a journey to recreate the flavours and styles of breads they cherished from their homelands. In the heart of inner-city Adelaide, he laid the foundation for Riviera Bakery, giving birth to a beloved tradition that endures to this day.

Blending his authentic Italian baking skills with innovative techniques, Luciano developed a signature range of continental breads and rolls that captured the hearts and palates of locals. From the classic Vienna loaf to the irresistible Ciabatta, each creation showcased the dedication and craftsmanship that defined Riviera Bakery.

Today, his family proudly carries forward his vision, preserving the values and traditions that have made Riviera Bakery a cherished institution. With a commitment to quality, they offer over 50 styles of superior continental breads and rolls, including a sourdough and artisan range. Experience the deliciousness of Paolos and the gluten-free breads from the Swiss Natural Brand. 

Visit the Riviera Bakery stall, inside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Farmers Market every Sunday. Experience the authentic flavours, crafted with love and care, that have made Riviera Bakery a beloved institution throughout South Australia.