Pasta hand made on the farm & pastured eggs

Riverside Farm in the beautiful Barossa valley produces pastured eggs, wool, lamb and wine grapes. With six generations of family history on the farm, Richard is committed to a ‘zero waste’ way of living and producing. Eggs that are considered ‘too big’ or ‘too small’ for sale are used in the range of artisan egg pasta. Hand made on the farm the only ingredients are Australian durum wheat semolina, their own fresh Riverside Farm Pastured Eggs and other fresh ingredients grown organically on the farm or sourced from local growers. The unique and authentic range of fresh homemade pasta includes: beetroot, lemon myrtle, carrot, spinach and plain ‘fusilli’ pasta spirals.

Riverside Farm also produces a gluten free pasta, get in early as this often sell out. The gluten free flour is sourced from a small scale producer who roast and mills her own buckwheat, giving rise to a beautiful nutty flavour with the consistency and texture of regular wheat pasta. 

Look out for their range of seasonal preserves and jams made from fruit grown on the farm. The quince jelly and quince paste made by Richard’s mum is a winter specialty.

Riverside Farm is a thousand acre property which has seen six generations of Richard’s family raising sheep, eggs and wine grapes since 1848. Richard’s sister Ellen runs the Riverside Dairy sheep’s milk stall at the market, find her award winning yoghurt, feta and haloumi, alongside her brother’s pasta.