Pasta hand made on the farm

In the heart of the enchanting Barossa Valley lies Riverside Farm, a place where the rich tapestry of tradition, family, and the land come together to create something truly special. Riverside Farm is home to Pasta Social Club and Riverside Dairy, both of which share the family’s culinary heritage.

Riverside Farm has deep roots, stretching back six generations. It’s more than just a farm; it’s a living history of Barossa Valley, where the rhythms of life have been marked by the seasons, the livestock, and the bountiful produce. This heritage infuses every strand of pasta created by Pasta Social Club.

The pasta from Pasta Social Club is a canvas of taste, painted with the hues of nature. The diverse and authentic range includes vibrant beetroot, aromatic lemon myrtle, earthy carrot, and vivid spinach pasta spirals, each telling a story of the land and the seasons.

For those seeking gluten-free options, Pasta Social Club offers something special—a gluten-free pasta made from buckwheat flour, carefully roasted and milled by a small-scale producer. It’s a nutty, flavoUrful twist on the pasta experience, delivering the same satisfying texture.

At the market, visitors can explore Riverside Dairy, where Ellen, Richard’s sister, adds her own touch to the offerings. Riverside Dairy features award-winning yoghurt, feta, and haloumi, alongside the mouthwatering pasta creations from Pasta Social Club.

Riverside Farm spans a thousand acres and has witnessed generations of Richard’s family raising livestock and nurturing wine grapes since 1848. Now, with Pasta Social Club and Riverside Dairy, Richard and Ellen continue this legacy, offering the best of their farm’s produce at the market.

Pasta Social Club and Riverside Dairy are more than just businesses; they’re a slice of Riverside Farm’s history and a celebration of the land’s bounty. Visitors at the market can savour the flavors of tradition, family, and Barossa Valley. It’s a taste not to be forgotten.

Find Richard outdoors weekly with the newly branded Pasta Social Club (formerly Riverside Farm Pasta) and Ellen his sister from Riverside Dairy fortnightly.