Premium Perigord black truffle products

Quercus Truffles is a small, family-run business located in the picturesque Piccadilly Valley of the Adelaide Hills. Joining our market seasonally, they provide premium, fresh Perigord black truffles, all grown herbicide and pesticide-free. Remarkably, their trufferie is maintained by wild kangaroos and deer, ensuring a natural and sustainable approach to farming.

Each Sunday, Quercus Truffles brings a delightful assortment of truffle products to the market, including fresh truffles, truffle butter, truffle salt, and lavish biscuits. They also offer special bundles of truffle salt and butter.

Matt and Georgie purchased Piccadilly Spring Farm 14 years ago, moving their family from the suburbs to the countryside. Inspired by their travels in Alba, Italy, in 2004, they decided to establish their own trufferie. In 2013, they undertook the extensive task of improving the soil, setting up irrigation, and planting over 650 inoculated trees, including hazelnut, English oak, and holm oak. Their hard work paid off with their first commercial harvest in 2018. Their commitment to organic farming principles and meticulous maintenance has allowed the trufferie to flourish, yielding 12 kg of first-grade truffles in 2022. The property is managed by Matt’s  sister Emma, who you will find outdoors at the market on Sunday’s during the autumn/winter Truffle season.