Family owned South Australian mushroom farm

Family owned since 1992, Pure Mushrooms (formerly P&L Rogers) employs a team of approximately 85 people to grow, pick and pack around 35 tonne of mushrooms each week.

The spawn (funghi’s equivalent of seeds) grows in formulated compost peat moss. The compost contains all the nutrients the funghi will need. Stop by the stall for freshly picked white button mushrooms, portobello and Swiss brown mushrooms, all grown right here in SA. 

The crop grows in large refrigerated rooms, where the Rogers family and their team can precisely control light, heat and humidity and ensure completely sterile conditions. It takes a couple of weeks for the compost to grow the roots (called mycelium). Careful temperature and humidity control enable full growth.

A couple of weeks later, tiny mushrooms come through the peat moss. The Rogers’ also recycle the spent compost as soil conditioner and garden mulch.

The refrigerated growing rooms control the growing conditions precisely, so crops can be continuously grown all year round.

Find  Pure Mushrooms outside at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.