Over 100 varieties of fresh vegetables.

Pat D’Onofrio is a Farmers’ Market legend. Every Sunday you will find Pat spruiking at the huge Patlin Gardens stand, piled high with fresh seasonal vegetables. Join the line of customers and find out from Pat what is in season and how to cook it. Because Pat has a recipe in his head for every vegetable. From watermelon radish greens to rainbow chard, Pat can tell you how to make the most of every season’s vegetables. Patlin gardens raise over 100 vegetables on their family property at Virginia.

In addition to wonderful fresh vegetables, Pat and Lina also produce olive oil and marinated olives from their 2,000 tree grove. You can also find passata made from their tomatoes and preservative free jalapeno chilli sauce. 

Each season brings something new, from 20 different varieties of zucchini to radishes, herbs, melons and artichoke. Stop by every Sunday to discover the very best, freshly picked seasonal produce.