Pasture Raised Chicken, Quail, Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

Nomad farms are a family farm raising 100% free range, pastured chicken, quail, beef and lamb. The farm runs on the principle of ecological, social and economical regeneration. Founder Tom Bradman says ‘Nature has done a few million years of reasearch and development. We harness that thoughtfully and share it locally’. Established by Tom and his partner Verity, the farm won SA Delicious Produce Awards in 2017 and 2018 and the SA Landcare Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices in 2015.

The natural nomadic movement of animals across the land is at the heart of their farming philosophy. In a healthy, fresh environment, the animals maintain their natural health. So Nomad animals thrive free of parasite, hormone and antibiotic treatments. Tom says ‘we are raising animals with immune systems instead of chemicals’. Because of this Nomad raises pastured chickens that are lean, tender, healthy and tasty.

Housed in half roofed open pens, a Nomad Farms pastured chicken can forage, dust bathe and scratch in fresh air and sunlight under the protection of Banjo the Maremma dog. Nomad chooks are ‘nomadic’ because they move onto fresh pasture every day. The chickens are free of antibiotics, artificial hormones, coccidiostats and chlorine. Nomad heritage chooks live every day of their lives out on pasture in a mobile pasture brooder. Because of the naturally slow growth of the Sommerlad breed they have time to develop intramuscular fat and nutrient dense meat with outstanding texture and flavour.

Nomad’s grass fed beef and lamb similarly enjoy regular movement across the landscape to fresh pasture because this mimics the natural behaviour of wild herd animals. All Nomad animals benefit from Tom and Verity’s adherance to antibiotic free, low stress, free range animal husbandry.

Discover ‘ethics you can taste’ with Nomad’s outstanding produce. Inside the pavilion every Sunday at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market.