Artisan Alfajores filled Biscuit Sandwich

Opa! Now you can find handmade Alfajores at the market made in Adelaide using premium local products by Pablo a Chef from South American. 

Alfajores are a traditional South American pastry that features two melt-in-your-mouth cookies with Dulce de Leche caramel sauce sandwiched in between them.  They come in a variety of  flavours including traditional Cornflour, Coconut, Dark Chocolate, or White Chocolate & walnut and are downright delicious; just try walking past them at the market!

Made to enjoy with family and friends at any time of the day, so grab some to share with morning coffee, as a delicious dessert or afternoon tea.  They also come boxed and make a perfect gift idea, so why not grab one of each for that special someone.

Visit passionate foodies Pablo and Sharon who are originally from Uruguay and bring these handmade traditional South American delights to the market inside the market pavilion weekly.

Opa means ‘Wow!’ in Spanish, and that’s the reaction you will have with a delicious Alfajor melting in your mouth.