Last Harvest Koroneiki Olive Oil & Kalamata Olives

Arthur Kapralos, of Olianni Olives, makes a monthly appearance at our market, journeying from Sellicks Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula. He meticulously cultivates and harvests olives for Olive Oil and Table Olives. Arthur employs manual and mechanical harvesting techniques tailored to each olive variety, typically harvesting late in the season for optimal oil production.

Established in 1998 and growing since 1967, Olianni Grove has been producing premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

Committed to sustainable practices, Arthur minimises the use of sprays, pesticides, and herbicides, resorting to them only when absolutely necessary and opting for solutions akin to those favoured by organic growers. He adopts a holistic approach to soil management, redirecting slashed grass towards the base of olive trees for natural mulching and composting. Additionally, he employs rotary hoeing every two years to aerate the soil and break down stony and rocky patches, releasing additional nutrients and reducing the need for fertilizers.

At the market, customers can anticipate a selection of premium products produced with dedication to quality and tradition, including:

Late harvest Premium First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), derived from Koroneiki olive variety, available in 500ml and 2-liter bottles – an excellent all round oil for salads, dipping, drizzling, cooking and cakes.

Olianni Grove’s Kalamata Olives (harvested in May) are brined and cured using a traditional recipe with no colourings or preservatives. They are offered in 450-500gm containers and 1.5-1.6kg buckets. 

Find Arthur Kapralos once a month, on the third Sunday, sharing his passion for quality olives and showcasing his exceptional products.