Premium handpicked cherries

Merry Cherry Farms specialises in premium, hand-picked cherries and also makes juice and artisanal breads and pizza bases.

The Conterno family has grown cherries at Norton Summit for over 40 years. The 9 hectare orchard contains 20 different varieties, including heirlooms like: Napoleon, Sir Don and Sir Tom. A colony of native bees pollinate the blossom. The Conternos practice minimal spraying on their 3,000 trees and dedicate 10% of their property to native bush. Handpicking at optimum ripeness ensures perfect flavour.

They also produce 100% pure, preservative-free and antioxidant rich cherry juice.

When not busy in the orchard, Claude Conterno is a baker. Claude’s range of artisan breads celebrates his Northern Italian heritage, including hand-made pizza bases, rustic ciabatta and wild, stone-baked sourdough.