Creating specialty goat cheeses from locally sourced milk

Gerard from Lilyarra Artisan Cheeses brings an award-winning specialist range of Goat milk cheeses to the market weekly, made exclusively from goat’s milk supplied by selected dairies on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Gerard began his cheesemaking journey in Ireland, as he had a passion for cheese, wine, travel and food. He chose to focus his energy on creating outstanding artisan cheeses by travelled to the UK and Europe, before moving to Australia.  He then settled in South Australia setting up a facility on the Fleurieu Peninsula, starting Lilyarra Artisan Cheeses in 2015.

Created by hand these Goat Milk Cheeses are creamy and mild in flavour, with a richness that comes from the care of the herd, the fullness of the pastures and the considered hand of the cheesemaker. 

Artisan Goat Cheeses are created with a focus on a balance of flavours and aromas, from the creaminess of the milk. Lilyarra therefore works with farmers who they feel have good welfare and care for their animals, plus good quality in their milk that requires minimal intervention.

Gerard from Lilyarra can be found weekly indoors at the Market with cheeses that will delight the senses.