Local small batch alcoholic cider

Meet Pete, Dave, and Tegan, the dedicated family behind Lenswood Cider Co.’s handcrafted artisanal alcoholic cider. With a commitment to sustainability, they carefully source their fruit from local growers in Lenswood, nestled within the environmentally rich apple heartland of the Adelaide Hills. Their cider reflects the essence of the region, crafted from the finest fruits cultivated in their family orchards and neighbouring farms.

Experience the pure, refreshing flavours of their apple, pear, and seasonally inspired blends. From the classic apple to hazy apple, apple and pear, and zesty apple and ginger, there’s a flavour to suit every taste. Packaged in both bottles and cans, their ciders offer convenience without compromising quality.

Be sure to say hi to Pete, Dave, and Tegan outdoors at the farmers’ market once a month.