Gluten free bread, cakes, pasta and other treats

Sabine De Vuono is the Italian born, raised, and trained chef behind Just Gluten Free. For twenty years Sabine has worked to perfect an exclusive range of gluten free products. Sabine firmly believes that living with gluten intolerance doesn’t mean you have to give up on taste!

Following traditional Italian recipes, Sabine has offered scrumptious classic treats since 2010. Sabine proves that people with gluten and other common intolerances no longer have to say goodbye to their favourite foods.

For those who have to modify their diets, Sabine’s cooking allows you to indulge in freshly baked bread, pasties, sausage rolls, pies, vanilla slices, brownies, eclairs and much more. FODMAP, dairy free, vegan, sourdough and multigrain options are also available.

Sabine also offers cooking classes at her new kitchen on Marion Road. Sabine is uniquely qualified to help you master the skills and secrets of gluten free cooking.

Find Just Gluten Free Italian Style at the market every Sunday morning and feel free to discuss your special dietary needs with Sabine.