Haaseford Farms

Everything is done by hand to ensure the best quality organic garlic

Using only organic products and methods, Haaseford Farms from the Adelaide Hills does everything by hand from planting to picking to ensure you only get the best quality garlic.

Raelee and Damien Basford along with his parents Rachel and Michael grow garlic right here is South Australia without any chemicals or pesticides. They allow the garlic to grow for about 7 or 8 months, until the leaves start to die off, at which point they harvest, then bring to the market. 

The three main varieties available at the market are Australian white garlic (strong in flavour) , Flinders Island garlic (complex, subtle flavour) and Russian or Elephant garlic (more mild in flavour).  Raelee also comes along with jars of homemade minced organic garlic.

Meet the Basford Family outside at the market