Fermented Food from Local, Fresh Ingredients

Samuel Whitehead discovered discovered the ancient art of fermentation during his travels in Guatemala. Fermented food, the combined of fresh food and microbiology, became Sam’s passion. 

With help from his wonderful family,  Sam started creating small batches of fermented vegetables in 2005. He wanted to create something honest, sustainable and wholesome. Because he wanted to create something that showcased local produce, Sam experimented with new flavours.

Sam now creates his fermented food range in a commercial kitchen space on “Starlight Springs Farm”. A small family farm in Myponga, Starlight Springs specialises in beautiful, organically grown, heirloom vegetable varieties. So it’s the perfect place to make fermented foods. ‘It’s an amazing feeling to look out the window at a row of cabbages knowing that they will eventually be the basis of one of our creations. Farm to jar, just the way we like it’ says Sam.

Come and try their sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and ginger beer; all made using wild fermentation techniques and local produce. Pro-biotic rich goodies to give you that good “Gut Feeling”.  

Find the Gut Feeling outside at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.