Move over butter....its OMGhee

There’s a new golden spread in town, and it’s called OMGhee.

Butter has always been a comfort food for OMGhee founder Lisa Ormenyessy. As a child she’d watch her grandma generously use butter in her cooking.
After studying a short course in Ayurveda, Lisa discovered ghee is a healthier alternative to butter and oil. When Lisa learned she could make it herself, her ghee-making journey began.

Launched in 2021, OMGhee is Australia’s only biodynamic, organic ghee made from the butter of grassfed cows. OMGhee’s distinct taste of warm, butterscotch & caramel undertones makes it an ideal ingredient to elevate almost any meal.

Smear it on your toast, stir-fry your veggies, or cook your eggs in it, you’ll always be reaching for this jar of pure golden, gheelicious goodness.

Guaranteed to make you go OMG!

Find Lisa the former workaholic turned Queen Ghee outside at the Farmers’ Market every second Sunday.