Lavender flavoured fudge, brownies and lemonade

Can you eat Lavender? According to farmer Rooney Upton and his mouth-watering, home-baked goods, you absolutely can!

Nestled on top of the iconic clifftops of Maslin’s Beach, Fleurieu Lavender is a small, family business specialising in all things lavender; from delicious brownies and fudge, to organic lemonade and iced tea.

This unique endeavour started back in 1999 when aircraft engineer Rooney and his wife Margaret decided they wanted to contribute to their local community in a way that was environmentally friendly but compatible with a more laid back lifestyle.

Due to years spent in precision aircraft engineering, Rooney is a self-claimed culinary perfectionist. So he has dedicated the past 18 years to mastering this fragrant cuisine. It took almost a year of trial and error to perfect his renowned brownies!

The Uptons and their son James hand harvest around 15 different types of organic lavender for their products. 

Find Rooney and his unique creations outside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.