Pastured eggs from free to forage chickens

Feather & Peck produce premium pastured free range eggs on the Nash family farm at Yundi and the Byrne family farm at Willunga, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

The feather & Peck hens forage free in open paddocks by day and roost in mobile trailers by night. They enrich the soil by eating bugs and provide a natural fertiliser – frequently moving to new pasture. The hens are protected by Maremma dogs and electric fence netting to keep the predators at bay.

They use multi-species grazing practices to improve bio-diversity. Rotated around the farm every few days, the hens following the grazing pattern of the cattle. The hens scratch, dig, bathe in the dust, peck the poo and fertilise the soil. This ‘multi-species’ approach to farming mimics nature, controls parasites and weeds and sustainably improves production rates. Best of all, they deliver tasty, premium quality, ethical eggs.

Feather & PECK farms stock less than 25 hens per hectare.  There’s plenty of room for the happy hens to spend most of their day outside to graze freely.

You’ll find the Feather & Peck stall inside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Markets every Sunday.