Pure cold extracted honey including: Mangrove, Blue Gum, Mallee and Orange Blossom

There’s something particularly sweet about the owners of Do Bee Honey that keeps people coming back. Located on a property at Aldinga Beach in the Fleurieu Peninsula, Jill and John Trewartha have been running Do Bee Honey for more than 20 years and over time have expanded their unique offering beyond pure honey.

Pure, cold honeys include: Mangrove, Blue Gum, Mallee, Orange Blossom and limited seasonal releases. They also sell creamed honey flavours, handmade beeswax candles and fresh honeycomb in season (November to July).

Jill and John started bee keeping as a hobby in their backyard in Brighton in the 1980s, eventually moving to a larger property at Aldinga Beach.

Cold pressing prevents over-extraction. So the honey contains all of its natural healing properties, vitamins and living enzymes.

Find Do Bee Honey inside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Markets every Sunday.