Exquisite Sustainable Seafood

Indulge in the exquisite offerings from SA’s Dinko Tuna stall, where you’ll find Southern Bluefin Tuna steaks and sardines available every Sunday. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability ensures you can savour these delicious seafood options guilt-free.

Dinko Tuna is driven by a passion for responsible fishing practices, aiming to develop the most sustainable bluefin tuna fishery worldwide. With complete control over their operations, from boats to their Port Lincoln factory, they maintain uncompromising standards of quality. Building upon the legacy of their late founder, Dinko Lukin, a pioneer in pole tuna fishing, they continue to provide exceptional South Australian fish sought after by seafood enthusiasts globally.

Visit the SA’s Dinko Tuna stall at the market and immerse yourself in the exceptional quality of their South Australian tuna and sardines. Supporting Dinko Tuna means embracing sustainable fishing practices and enjoying seafood that is not only delectable but also ethically sourced.

Find Dinko Tuna stall inside the Market Pavilion every Sunday.