Vegan, seasonal, local & grain free frozen dal

Jo makes dals with seasonal market produce and lots of love in her magical medicinal hotpot. 

This high protein super food made with just four ingredients, is vegan and gluten free, and can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dal is a traditional Indian dish made of legumes or pulses (lentils, beans, peas). All of the dals are SKINLESS, so only the creaminess remains.

Jo believes in food as a medicine and this ancient form of nourishment is both healthful and delicious. She sings as she slowly cooks her seasonal dals, using delicious spices and vegetables sourced from our farmers’ market.

This slow pressure cooked goodness comes as a convenient frozen food, making the perfect freezer filler for when you want something healthy but are short on time. Use like a thick sauce by checking out Darlin’ Dal YouTube channel. The compostable packaging makes this an Earth friendly fast food.

Her philosophy of simple kindness to the gut, to the planet and YOU! Stop by the stall outside every Sunday to find out more about this ultimate ancient comfort food & meet Jo!