Award winning butter and cream from a free range Jersey Herd

The Dairyman is Michael Wohlstadt, Michael’s Jersey cows and pigs graze in the foothills of the Barossa Ranges on a mixed farm growing food and producing meat, milk and fibre. Milk from the Jersey herd doesn’t just make The Dairyman award winning butter and cream, it also feeds free range Berkshire and Tamworth pigs and Jersey vealers. The animals are grass fed but Michael also mills local grain himself for winter feed. The animals graze on improved pasture. The farm is 100% free of artificial hormones and growth stimulants.
The award winning Jersey butter is handmade in small quantities. The Jersey cream is traditionally churned in small batches, with a small amount of sea salt added for extra flavour.
The heritage pig breeds produce a very moist and tender meat partly due to breed type but also their environment. The pigs live a life of very low stress, growing slowly with plenty of exercise and a very wholesome diet. Michael also grows beautiful oyster mushrooms which he brings to the market every week.
The Dairyman is outside at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.