Family owned seedling and bedding plant nursery

When Charles Wilhelm Otto Falg, was out of work during the great depression he turned his hobby into a business venture.  Charles would grow flower and vegetable seedlings and sell them to his neighbours wrapped in newspaper. Charles’ granddaughter  Marie Collett and her husband Paul are the third generation to run the nursery.

Nestled in a glorious gully in the Adelaide hills, the property was chosen for its great water quality and high rainfall. Falg pride themselves on growing healthy plants with minimal sprays.

Marie began working part time in the nursery from the young age of 13. With years of experience comes years of knowledge and passion. Marie, Paul and their daughter Prue are all qualified horticulturalists. They are more than happy to share their decades of horticultural knowledge. 

Collett & Miels pride themselves on using minimal sprays. Their location has plentiful fresh quality water to give their plants the best start in life. Collett & Miels strive to find the unusual and like to keep up with food trends firmly believing there is no better way of knowing what goes into your food, than by growing it yourself.

Marie also makes a wonderful range of passatas, sauces and jams from home grown fruit, be sure to try a sample when you stop by the stall.

Find the Collett & Miels stall outside the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.