Fresh Gourmet Mushroom Varieties

You may be familiar with the common white mushroom, but there are several popular kinds of gourmet mushrooms to be found from Choice Mushrooms at the market.

Choice Mushrooms only cultivate and sell the gourmet variety that are incredibly versatile and could almost be defined as avant-garde due to their beautiful unorthodox display.  They come in unusual shapes, textures, and tastes which make them the perfect addition to a variety of dishes.  These mushrooms give food that extra kick, which explains why they have made their way into cuisines across the globe. 

Not only do they taste delicious they provide many immune boosting and nutritional benefits, as well as being an integral part of almost every ecosystem. 

Grown indoors and outdoors fresh Choice Mushrooms are locally grown in the Fleurieu Peninsula by Brittany Jones & Phil Musson.  They cultivate a year long range at the market with varieties including Oyster and Lions Mane.  Each one has its own taste and uniqueness.

Grab a premium mix box of seasonal mushrooms outside at the Farmers’ Market every Sunday.  Come early as they popular and sell out fast.