Fresh, handmade bagels

Esther and Davon Barnett bring as many bagels as they can bake to the market every Sunday but they still sell out in under two hours! 

Once you have tried their delicious range it is easy to see why they just can’t keep up with demand. The majority of the bagels are vegan friendly and dairy free and they also make a popular gluten free which they bake separately using dedicated gluten free mixers and equipment. They are constantly experimenting and adding to the range but favourites include:

Bagel chips – vegan
Blueberry – vegan
Char grilled capsicum – vegan
Cheese – vegetarian
Gluten free – vegan
Jalapeno and cheese – vegetarian
Oven roasted tomato – vegan
Onion, garlic and cheese – vegetarian
Poppy seed – vegan
Salt – vegan
Sesame – vegan
Sultana & cinnamon – vegan

There’s a reason why bagels have been part of Jewish baking tradition for over 800 years – they’re delicious! Find Barossa Bagels inside the pavillion every Sunday.