Extra virgin olive oil, table olives, oil infusions, home-made dressings, tapenade and dukka

Robert Rees and his family bought 33 acres near Laratinga Creek in the Adelaide Hills on a whim in the late 1980s. Because they felt it was an opportunity just too charming to pass up. The Rees’ realised South Australia’s Mediterranean climate was perfect for producing olive oil, so in 1998 they planted around 400 trees. The grove now has over 600 trees including Frantoio, Pendolino and Kalamata varieties. 
The infused and traditional oils have a refreshing peppery, grassy taste. The olives cold pressed extracting only pure extra virgin olive oil.
Robert’s son farms lentils on Kangaroo Island. With a rich flavour and heartily texture, these legumes are a great staple and perfect in curries and soups.
Find Bald Hills Olive Grove outside at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.