Biodynamic, organic, unhomogised milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter.

Paris Creek Farms is an award-winning dairy producer located on the border of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide Hills. Established by German immigrants Ulli and Helmut Spranz in 1988, the farm is fully organic and biodynamic.

Paris Creek Farms‘ unhomogenised products are made from premium milk, sourced from grass fed South Australian cows. These products are biodynamic and organic, so the cows and their diet are completely hormone and GM free. 

You can really taste the difference because the flavoured yoghurts use biodynamic and organically-grown fruit and pure honey. Flavours include vanilla (flavoured with real vanilla pods) tiramisu, raspberry, honey and lemon myrtle.

The cheese factory produces specialty European-style cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Norwegian cheese, Gouda and Tilsit. They also make Swiss and German style quark which is very good for home baking.

Find Paris Creek outside at the farmers’ market every Sunday.