Fresh and smoked ocean trout

Frank Pao-Ling Tsai and Leslie Chi-Ling own Austar Mariculture. Founded in 2007 it is Australia’s first on-shore ocean trout farm and located on the Limestone Coast at Beachport.

Frank trained as a mechanical engineer then designed his own system for raising fish. The newly hatched fish start out in freshwater that’s naturally purified in watercress ponds. Pristine, cold seawater is pumped into the adult fish tanks through a special filtration system. Grown organically with no toxic chemicals, the fish are very rich in Omega 3 oils (essential nutrients which are especially good for a strong immune system).

Austar Mariculture sell fresh and smoked ocean trout with a unique texture and delicious flavour. They also sell watercress, a natural superfood and great source of vitamins and minerals.

Their other by-products available are free range hen, duck and goose eggs. The birds are fed on watercress, producing eggs that have a very special flavour and are high in Omega 3 oils too.

You will find Austar Mariculture stall outside the Adelaide Farmers Market every Sunday.