Jersey Milk Cheese

The McCaul family began making Alexandrina Cheese in 1902. Third generation Dan McCaul continues the tradition of manufacturing premium quality Jersey milk cheese on their Mt Jagged farm. Each day starts with rich, creamy milk from 80 (well-loved and individually named!) Jersey cows. They feed on green clover pasture grown on the rolling hills of the family farm, nestled on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The company has returned to traditional methods and so they use exclusive starter cultures and rennet. Their boutique Jersey milk cheeses change in flavour though out the year, because of seasonal variation of in the cows’ milk. The cheesemaker waits patiently for the cheese to mature and once ready, stamps each with the Alexandrina brand. This quality check gives a seal of approval to each individual wheel.  
Taste the award winning Alexandrina Cheeses at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday. If you are near Mount Jagged, stop in the farm for a country lunch platter or an Alexandrina Shire Tea and learn about the different styles of cheese directly from the farmers themselves.
As an added bonus all Alexandrina Cheese products are Gluten Free. 

Online orders for collection at the market available here