Preheat oven to 170C

Line 6 small buttered tartlet pans with the sweet shortcrust pastry. Use tart pans that are 8 cms across at the bottom and 10 cms across at the top if possible.

Crumble in your hand 6 pieces of baking paper that are large enough to fill the inside of each tart pan and then place them on top of the pastry in each tart pan and push gently into the corners of the pans. Fill with split peas or baking weights.

Place the tart pans on an oven tray and place into the centre of the oven and bake until the pastry edges are starting to turn golden, approx 20 mins. Take the tarts out of the oven and remove the weights and baking paper from inside each tart shell. Place the tray with the tart pans back into the oven for another 5 mins to continue cooking the centre of the bottom of the tart. The tart shells should be golden brown on the edges and a lighter shade of gold in the centre base. Leave the shells to cool in a dry place then carefully remove from the tart pans.

Place 250mls of cream in a microwave proof bowl and add the white chocolate and stir through. Place in the microwave and heat in bursts of 1 minute until the chocolate has melted stirring after each burst.

Allow to cool to room temperature.

Place the other 250mls of cream in a bowl along with the sugar and whip until medium peak stage.

Fold the white chocolate mixture gently through the whipped cream until well combined.

Divide the white mousse mixture evenly into the 6 tart shells and place them into the fridge for 15 minutes to partially set.

Remove the tart shells from the fridge and place raspberries upright onto the surface of the mousse in a circle and then in the centre of the circle, making sure there are the same amount of raspberries on each tart. 

Gently heat the apricot jam in a saucepan and then strain through a small sieve. Allow to cool until just slightly warm. Using a small paint brush, apply the apricot jam to the raspberries as a glaze covering all the parts of the raspberries you can see. 

Place tarts into the fridge to set.

Just before serving add a couple of edible flowers on to the top of the raspberries to one side of the centre on each tart.