'Fun dining, not fine dining' by Poh at the Farmer's Market

Jamface by Poh at the Farmers’ Market, is a concept Poh Ling Yeow describes as “fun dining, not fine dining”. The stall sells a mixture of take-home products including jams, relishes, pasta sauces, pies, pasties, pizzas, tarts, pot-set flavoured yoghurts and her famous paella.

“Jamface is about eating with enthusiasm. And getting jam on your face. We want it to be really fun. It’s beautiful food, but really accessible. It’s stuff we’ve made since we were students but we love to eat.” says Poh.

Poh was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia into a fifth-generation Malaysian Chinese family. She immigrated to Australia aged 9 with her parents and brother, settling in Adelaide. She was runner up against Julie Goodwin on MasterChef in 2009 and she says going on MasterChef gave her the confidence to open a business such as Jamface.

Poh wants to serve food that people will dig straight into rather than photograph. She says  “it’s all about enticing people to dive into the food as opposed to people looking at it and taking photos of it, which I feel is too much of a trend.”

Poh owns Jamface with her best friend Sarah Rich, who like Poh, comes from an arts background. The two, as well as their partners, have built and designed the business as it is today.

Poh and her team are serving delicious food at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.