Farmhouse soft cheeses, yoghurt and labneh

David and Julie Hinchliffe’s small herd of Jersey cows provide the milk for their farmhouse soft cheeses. The rich Jersey milk makes Brie, Camembert, Labneh, and yoghurt. Everything is handmade in small batches as soon as the cows have been milked each day. David says ‘Because our herd is so small, cheese lovers can expect plenty of flavour, character and seasonal variation’. The cheeses are handmade using heirloom cultures and traditional techniques.

The traditional Middle Eastern strained yoghurt Labneh is an unusual addition to the range. The award winning Labneh is delicately flavoured with local extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic and rosemary.

The yoghurt contains just two ingredients: fresh Jersey milk and culture. There is no added sugar or milk powder. Straining the warm curds using authentic Greek cloth bags is messy and labour intensive but gives unbeatable results.