Ready Meals for Busy People

Eli started Paloma’s Kitchen in order to share the traditional home cooking she learnt from her Greek grandmother. Eli makes vegan and vegetarian ready meals because busy people need a way to enjoy healthy, wholesome meals. The olive oil and garlic rich Mediterranean dishes vary with the season and are made using fresh market produce but include:

Spanakopita (spinach, leek and cheese pastry)
Roasted beetroot pesto
Stuffed tomatoes
Roasted tumeric cauliflower
Marinated giant mushrooms with herb roasted sweet potatoes with tallegio cheese and caramelised onions
Greek pilaf with roasted sweet potato and onions
Roasted eggplant stack

Stop by the Paloma’s Kitchen stall inside the pavilion every other week to sample what Eli has been cooking and stock up your fridge and freezer with healthy options for a busy day.