Genuine free-range eggs

Situated in the Lower North of South Australia. Farmers Trish and Stephen Simpson run a fourth-generation family owned and operated free range egg-farming business, Murphy’s Crossing.

Established in 1959, Murphy’s Crossing have perfected the art of egg farming and producing genuine free-range eggs. Because they use the best technology, quality feed, and also good old fashioned love to care for their brood.

Trish and Stephen are extremely proud of their high-quality, sustainable, and ethically produced eggs. Keeping their chicken numbers well under the 1,500 birds per hectare CSIRO requirements, Murphy’s Crossing ensures the best quality of life for their flock. Hens are fed on feed locally sourced from local businesses. The farm also uses a minimum of water and power, leaving a lower impact on the environment.

Trish and Stephen strive to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. They use recycled paper in manufacturing their cartons and urge customers to return and reuse their egg cartons.

Find Murphy’s Crossing Free Range Egg stall inside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday to try ‘nature’s nutritious perfect package’ and taste the freshness and quality of this homegrown local product.