Hemp seeds, oil, flour and protein

Are you looking for a plant based protein that also has a rich nutritional profile and is gluten free? Good Country Hemp can help you discover the many health benefits of adding hemp seed products to your diet.

Add some mildly flavoured hemp protein powder to your shakes and smoothies, boost your protein intake with a sprinkling of hemp seeds or drizzle your salads with rich, nutty hemp oil. Bake with naturally gluten free hemp flour, high in digestible fibre and 22% plant based protein. It’s so easy to include hemp in your diet.

They even have a whole new line of hemp products for your pets including hemp dog treats, premium hemp oil for pets, hemp hen and hemp horse.

Good Country Hemp is 100% sustainably grown in the Tatiara region near Border Town (Tatiara’s traditional owners named the land, it means ‘the good country’). Linda and Chloe look forward to sharing tips and recipes at the stall inside the pavillion every second week.