Local farm baked bread and artisanal pasta

Albert Conterno, his sons Louis, Alex and Julian and his brother Claude, bake fresh artisanal bread and handmade pasta in their kitchen at Norton Summit.

It was at the family’s pizza shop that Albert started experimenting with different breads and pasta. As a kid Albert watched his mum make pasta and bake in their wood oven.  Hand-made pasta and freshly baked bread are the ultimate comfort foods for Albert.

From the Grain sell a range of fresh tagliatelle and fettuccine. Flavours include: beetroot, porcini mushroom, spinach, chilli and squid ink pasta. Albert also makes plain, wholemeal and ramen noodles. The breads include: sourdough rye, sourdough Kalamata olives, 5 seed multi grain, ciabatta and pumpkin. They also make take home meals including: ravioli, lasagne and cannelloni.

Find the Conternos every Sunday at the From the Grain stall inside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market.