Vegan Patisserie & Catering

From Scratch Vegan Patisserie has grown out of Danielle’s years of cooking vegan, minimal waste, wickedly delicious food. As the name suggests the entire menu is 100% vegan and homemade from scratch using local, seasonal produce and organic ingredients wherever possible. Danielle follows a waste free philosophy across her entire range of sweet and savory vegan goodies. Stop by and discover her ‘cake of the week’ and a host of delicious options including:

Vegan breakfast burgers
Vegan bliss bars
Vegan cakes
Vegan chocolate cake
Vegan choc chip cookies
Vegan coconut yoghurt granola jars
Pan fried vegan dumplings
Raw vegan cheesecake
Savoury vegan pies
Toasted vegan sandwiches
Vegan tart of the day

Find the ‘From Scratch’ little green van behind the CWA building next to the western entrance of our market every Sunday.