15 different varieties of Bread

Matt Jinks is a baker passionate about his craft. Matt started Flour Power Breads in 2007, and now produces over 15 different breads from his Currency Creek bakery.

The range includes: pasta dura, continental Italian table bread, white, rye and wholemeal sourdough, French sticks and olive loaves,

Scroll and ripper flavours include: roast capsicum, feta, home-grown spinach, pesto, local free-range bacon and vegemite with cheese. So if  you are looking for a sweet treat, a fruit and nut cinnamon scroll made from local almonds and fruit. All the cheeses in the rippers and scrolls are from the Alexandrina Cheese Company.  

Their sliced multigrain, wholemeal and white breads are perfect for healthy kids’ lunches. So try the rolls in a variety of multigrain, white and wholemeal. These mouth-watering breads and treats sell out every week.

Find Flour Power Breads inside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.